Video Editing and Hostages


Done the editing for one of the chapters of the documentary. There’s a couple of tweaks need doing, editing audio and such, but it’s awesome! Look at it at the link below for a preview of our stuff! Craig (charity director) , Ceto (our friend who’s great at editing, etc.), mark and myself are working as a pretty good team!

Nothing much else to report though. Been working quite solidly on a lot of this. Writing an article for a journal too. Not formal this time, but should be good – mentioning a lot about the Philippines in that.

If you’ve not heard by the way, there was a hostage situation in the Philippines, a few people were killed and the police here are getting slated for their bad handling of it all. Got a text about it while Mark and me were in a mall, saying not to go anywhere near, first thought: let’s go watch!

Will update again soon, but for now look at the documentary!

Thought for the day: What if we learned not to judge each other and fight over the differences, but instead learned to put all that aside and focus on our shared humanity? When the four men carrying a lame man to Jesus brought him there, they didn’t fight about whether one of them was Jewish or not, they just saw the need and cared for it…

Video link:

Hope you’re all well!!!!


One thought on “Video Editing and Hostages

  1. Dave August 26, 2010 / 17:46

    Love it Roy!

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