Catching up on the last couple of weeks!!


Not really been around much lately, been soooo busy finishing off the documentary. None of the links below will work now btw, everything’s been re-edited and there’s a final version completely finished! That will be available in early October and I’ll post that here, as well as everywhere else humanly possible!

Been a little ill for some time as well! Got over it all now but there’s been several issues. Had a huge pain in my ear for a while, woke me up and couldn’t get back to sleep… it may have been an ant in my ear… and what with being vegetarian I thought animals would at least reciprocate the love :p Perhas ther est was just caused by being a bit overtired but I’m well rested now and feeling much much better 😀

Spent 18 hours plus on the last day of making the documentary, working really hard before that too… I am now sick of Garth Hewitt songs!! He let us use his music free of charge for the documentary which was really good of him… his lyrics are good, the problem is the  music is incredibly catchy and sticks in your head all day/week/month so far… Such a relief to finish the documentary though, it’s gonna be awesome when it’s released! I’m gonna ask a favour from you all though, when i post the link, to put it a your facebook status and ask your friends to do the same, and ask them to ask their friends to do the same! When you see the documentary, as you watch it and hear all the stories and the history and find out about everything, I think you’ll all be impressed and interested in it all and so will all be a part in sharing that message with everyone! About how no matter what circumstances people are born in, we can provide the opportunities for people to make something of themself! To create a more equal and fair world. Interesting statistic on that at the moment… without China, poverty actually increased in 2009. First thing is Chinese statistics are often a little dubious, but at the least there has been progress in development there so nicely done China for that one! Perhaps not as much as official government statistics say… particularly when you consider officially nothing happened in Tinanmen Square, etc. etc. At the least, though, China is doing better than the other countries in eradicating poverty and that must be praised. Will be interesting how the media takes this one, if it takes off and doesn’t get buried.

Last couple of things of note, went to Puerto Galera recently! There was some work Craig got done in Puerto, possible business and charity opportunities which sound good, and so me, Mark and Ceto got to play a bit and relax on the beach! Was planning to relax and just lie on the beach and read and recuperate after being ill and working so much, it didn’t turn out like that though :p got back just as tired, if not more tired, than when I went. But it was absolutely awesome!!

Final update is that I also got to go to a music bar yesterday. We were filming the bands playing, Runaway Boys and Tropical Depression, who are both really really good. Apparently they’re Filipino legends, and Pepe Smith turned up as well. I don’t exactly know these guys, but apparently they’re big!! Was awesome to sit there and listen to them play, meet a couple of the members, etc. I think I’ll be returning there :p

So that’s the catch up on the last couple of weeks… Ooo yeah, I also submitted my application to UP, the University of the Philippines. I’m hoping to study Politics at Master’s level and I finally got the application in, on deadline day 🙂 there’s a couple of issues… on my transcript my study abroad year just says pass… and they want the exact grades, birth certificates arrived after the deadline but they’re ok with that, so hopefully all will go well and I’ll be studying there soon!!!

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One thought on “Catching up on the last couple of weeks!!

  1. karina September 25, 2010 / 21:53

    ROOOY. I just found out that you have blog. And it’s a nice one. Will you also do some documentary in Indonesia? *just another reason to ask you when to visit us here*
    Miss you! Will email you for a longer version of my demand to be visited. 😀

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