Documentary Launch, The British Ambassador, Music, Magic… and just about everything else…

hello again my adamant readers, i believe it’s time to once again post about the daily goings on of my life.

has been pretty hectic the last day or two, it sort of builds up slowly things here and then all of a sudden there’s about twenty things happening on one day. so we launched the documentary finally!! it’s attached and working so watch and enjoy!! please let me know what you think about it, comments and suggestions would be very very welcome as we’ll be making another documentary shortly for the sister-charity of ASCF, Kalinga at Pag-Ibig, and some other filming things. when you watch it, please put it in hd quality (720p) as it is much better like that. as you’re watching i hope you’ll learn something about the charity, how it operates, etc. as you watch all the stories and chapters and understand some background of the lives of the children ASCF support remember that each child wrote their own chapters (with a little help with English when required) and consider ways you would like to get involved and become a part of changing peoples’ lives 😀 just email me at with your ideas and we can talk about it all 😀

so the documentary launch was happening in the rotary clubs here, a sort of rich persons’ club but they do a lot in raising money for charities. the room we were gonna use could seat 80, but by the time everyone had replied we had nearly 100 people confirmed attending, and others who hadn’t confirmed exactly but came too. pretty high profile people, as the guest was the British Ambassador here, Stephen Lillie – so the head of one of the philippine banks was there, the head of the bbc in the country, another high profile journalist working for the top national newspaper here, and almost everyone in the room as a £ millionaire apparently. the meeting started off well, everything was in place, until we hit some technical difficulties with the documentary – the computer they used couldn’t play it at the high resolution it was on so it started to stutter (they had ppt open and other programs). so we had to quickly switch computers and carry on where we left off. after that, the documentary was good though. was very well received and hopefully from this a lot of people will join and become a part of the work by supporting us in different ways.

so after all this presentation stuff and the formal dress – there were two people in the room wearing jeans, one a doctor, the other me 🙂 – we went to relax listening to some music from tropical depression, noli aurillo and the last gig of the runaway boys – all of whom would be top class in england, but musicians here aren’t very well respected unfortunately. noli is possibly the best guitarist in the philippines, and much further, so was great fun to watch him perform and meet him. he’s really into magic as well, and when he found out i could do some magic we teamed up a little and did a small performance outside when everything was finished. to give some perspective, doing this in the philippines is like going to a very intimate gig by eric clapton or kings of leon, and then hanging out with them afterwards messing around with a little bit of magic :p absolutely amazing!!!

got to sleep at about 5am… there’s work to do today though :p craig has top speak at this presentation for best local government officials in response to two leading communists in the country (who are congresspeople – one man one woman). i’ll be helping to write the speech a little for that. but he’s also going on a national radio show with a family member of an ex-president, then there’s a board meeting, and then we may be able to relax in a similar way as last night 🙂 will be awesome! hectic, full, energetic…. me!!!!

the link to the documentary is just below this. remember to give comments as these would be greatly appreciated as we’re looking to learn. watching the video, seeing the stories and understanding what the charity does, remember to think of ways in which you can get involved and become part of changing peoples’ lives. we’re very lucky to have this opportunity to radically help other people and so together we can achieve great things!!! 😀

I=if i can ask a favour from you all, please share this video with at least 5 people, and make them share it with another 5, so many more people get to view it and see what’s happening! this would be massively appreciated! Enjoy:


One thought on “Documentary Launch, The British Ambassador, Music, Magic… and just about everything else…

  1. nk October 15, 2010 / 21:30

    Hi Roy, this is a great work! I think the best part is that this documentary places very good focus on personal histories of the four persons. Maybe you can put the captions with more emphasis, in the actual video, that those stories have been actually written by those children themselves, with only a little help of the producers. I know it because you told us here, but people who have only seen this documentary without any information might think that the children are just reading the texts prepared my the staff (because i know there are indeed some sort of documentaries where the storeies have actually been a lot exaggerated and embellished by the producing side).
    Again, a wonderful job!

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