Update on the last few weeks!! (crazy stuff!!)

Not blogged in a while so I thought it about time I let you fine people know what’s being going on. Some of the highlights are a three-day solid work on another short video, the Durban Declaration, which is the declaration written by the street kids themselves at the Street Child World Cup. It was modified a little bit in the video and we got five kids from Mango who used to live on the streets but now want to share about that experience and demand a better future. Watch it here :


Also had two events very recently raising funds for ASCF. The first was at the BWA Christmas lunch, they launched their calendar which showed off the art work of ASCF students who won the competition for each month. Then the five students we managed to take on the Tuesday lunch at the British Ambassador’s house sold the Christmas cards all of the kids had made too – eventually at the end they started to go round the tables mixing with everyone there and I was so pleased to see them do that. They had fun, despite being car sick, and though one of the kids threw up all the way back it was fun.

The other was a choir we’d trained at Mango. 13 Mango kids and 7 Grapevine kids formed a choir and they sang 8 Christmas songs in two sets to people at the Manila Club. They sang brilliantly considering they’d only be training for a few weeks and they were great! We sold Christmas Cards there too and in total raised over P26k just from cards (about £400) from the two events. Minus a couple of expenses it’s not so bad. The kids again would go to all the tables there and sell the Christmas cards and a few of the calendars Sandy (President of the BWA) had brought down. The kids again were great and at the end of the evening I thought they’d be tired and wanting to go home so I went to them and asked if it’d be ok to leave in about 5-10 minutes. They all said no! We want to stay! We’re having so much fun! So not only were they a fantastic choir and loved going to the crowds selling cards and calendars but they enjoyed the whole night which is for me the greatest compliment as I was the one organising most of that. Glad with the way it went and there could be some great partnerships and possibilities developing from that which I’ll say more of if they turn out well.

So, aside from the two events I’ve been organising, the Durban Declaration above and carrying on with Uni classes there’s still been tonnes of stuff going on. I finished writing a proposal for the Blueberry project I’m hoping to start in the new year. It takes the brightest kids of ASCF and gives them a discussion group where they are encouraged to debate and think critically and where a personalised nutrition schedule is brought up. The hope is that given the academic research on these learning methods (group discussion, teaching, memory techniques, etc.) and on nutrition in promoting the development of children there will be great improvements for these kids which once fully evidenced will provide a platform to change some of the teaching methods and to focus more on nutrition for each child. Potentially, it could help improve the kids’ development a lot!

So there’s plans for that, plans going for Triple E , the project working directly with street kids I’m partnering in, and some great potentials and possibilities lined up. Everything seems quite positive except that I’m a little bit ill and so a little bit grumpy from that. So in the spirit of a humbug Christmas I decided to make a group on Facebook called: an intervention for Santa. The basic idea is that Santa is having a nervous breakdown. He has cut himself off from the world, obsesses over childhood fantasies and can’t build relationships with anyone apart from reindeers and small people. So together we can help Santa and bring him into the real world where he can get the psychological help he desperately needs, even if that’s just by joining the group and adding all your friends. Here’s the link:


So enjoy that. Would appreciate your input and comments on all the above! Speak soon my little ducklings!!


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