Christmas, New Year and I’ve got a son :p

So I’ve just spent my first Christmas and New Year outside of the UK and man it was loud! According to Asian culture at New Year you have to make as much noise as possible to scare away the evil spirits. Apparently the Philippines is one of the loudest… :p There’s so many fireworks here that most are now illegal because so many people get hurt by the explosions. To give you an idea, there’s now fireworks called Goodbye Philippines and Goodbye Earth. While they wont actually blow up the country, they will blow off your arm at least. The news keep showing gruesome images of people who got their hands and faces blown up to try and say not to use fireworks and apparently it was one of the quietest new years for ages. It was still a bloody warzone though… you literally couldn’t see anything beyond ten metres because of all the fireworks which from now on will be called explosives instead.

Naturally some explosives were procured by ourselves as someone was kind enough to help us get some. After throwing an explosive at a tree, the fuse on the next one i used went down so quickly that i barely had time to throw it. Dazed and a little less able to hear and see, I was a bit stunned and felt a bit lucky I had managed to throw it in time – a second later and I wouldn’t have been able to see or hear… not great thoughts. Then someone else used one later on and the fuse went down even faster and they didn’t have time to throw it. They were literally knocked out for a while, completely dazed after being unconscious… We finally decided to stop with them…

Afterwards though we were standing on the roof and listening to a load of fireworks go off next to us, a kind of 360 view of all this pretty fireworks in the sky, was quite cool – given we were a bit spaced out at the time :p

Christmas was nice as well, spent with the kids from the children’s home doing a few traditional things, eating a load, and some terrible karaoke… The Philippines invented karaoke and it’s difficult to have a night out without hearing some close by… unfortuantely, though with some great exceptions, many Filipinos can’t sing. Still, though I can’t sing myself walking into a karaoke place and singing a Filipino song and watching the stunned looks on everyone’s faces doesn’t grow old 🙂

Some of you may also have been following my ‘intervention for Santa’ facebook page too. The link is just below if you’ve not seen it. Feel free to join… it started off as a way to show how weird the beliefs about Santa and teaching kids to believe in a magical authority figure who decides what is good and what’s bad, flies on reindeer to every house in the world and how they should sit on his lap every year and tell him what they want (when we all know it’s a stranger they’ve never known before) is a bit weird… Then it ends with a more philosophical point about how we create beliefs and myths and how society makes it so it becomes difficult to not go along with what everyone says and believes, check it out:!/home.php?sk=group_137999176255187

Now for what many of you will have come here for, I’ve got a son 😀

Well that’s what I told my parents over skype! There’s a three year old kid who’s just moved in and he’s growing well and settling in, but it came to me that he’s the perfect age to get away with telling my parents I have a child to see their reaction. So, after sending emails saying there’s some problems and I may need to go back to England we agree to skype. I reveal the child to them and congratulate them on being Grandparents, reeling off the story of how it’s all worked out, I’ve just found out, etc. and revel in the horror on their faces (you must also understand that as a fundamentalist Christian my Mum was also shocked about the idea of sex before marriage at the same time – no comments about that please :p). After a ten minute conversation explaining everything, I hang up…

Apparently that was really mean. Particularly as it was a day after my Dad’s birthday and it wasn’t exactly the best birthday present for him nor a good way for them to start the new year, but it was soooooo funny! I recommend any late teens early 20s person to set something similar up and shock their parents this year with some incredible news. Go on holiday somewhere and come back saying you’ve got some big news and introduce them to your new wife! (Just a friend pretending to be your wife of course) Film it and send me the links 😀

I would like to point out, though, that I did answer their immediate panicked Skype call back and told them I was joking. The relieved laughter was almost as good as the initial terror and furious angry they had shown before… absolutely awesome!!!

Anyway I better sign off for today. Will give an update soon, but need to crack on with Uni stuff now as I’m doing my presentation on liberalism and the Washington Consensus for International Political Economy soon and need to actually read for it, which all sounds quite… errr… riveting. Hope you all had lovely new years celebrations and start the new year by scaring the crap out of your parents too! Enjoy and comment on this telling me what your best prank ever was!


One thought on “Christmas, New Year and I’ve got a son :p

  1. karina January 2, 2011 / 12:29

    you are CRAZY, Roy!!! that was indeed a mean prank. I can’t even imagine I do things like that to my parents, they might get a heart attack. Hehe… But nice one, though. I actually laugh. But anyway, did your parent really buy it? I mean, the kid is Filipino, right? I believe he looks nothing like you. Or is it because the bad quality of image in Skype, that you could fool your parents? either way, I’m glad you have a great life there and actually enjoy it. Miss you Roy! 🙂

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