Leaving on a jetplane, not sure when I’ll be back again…

After an incredibly stressful last couple of weeks, which is why I haven’t blogged in a while, I’m now sat at the Kuala Lumpur airport waiting for a flight to Myanmar for a week 😀

Let me start with some positives for the last couple of weeks, Payatas FC and Kasiglahan FC have been training well and improving and we are gonna join the teams together for a tournament with Football for Good on April 15th and 16th. They have a division in the tournament for new teams so we will join that to see how the kids do and so they get some invaluable experience and have great fun! They had their first friendly match against each other too, a Kasiglahan team of Mango students (the children’s home I still volunteer with and where most of the players for Kasiglahan FC live with a few from the community playing too) played against a Payatas A and a Payatas B team, beating both 1-0. The kids loved the experience and it was great for them to meet new kids and train with them before the games. I’m impressed with and proud of all of them and with the developments of Triple E, the charity opening the drop-in centres for street kids and who have been supporting the football development for the poor communities, we should have a great year ahead.Check out this document to see the details of Payatas FC and the charity:

So, some of the stresses, not all of them, have been dealing with a mother who abandoned her child – looking after the child I was like his Dad for a while, a really interesting experience which taught me quite a lot – about others, about situations and also myself. I’m definitely gonna have kids anyway when I’m older and can support them :p University has meant lots of writing and I’ve finally finished a first draft of one essay of 7000 words. By the end of the month I have to finish that essay and an 8000 word essay for my other class, should be fun :p Glad I’ve at least finished one draft though. Lots of other writing done and out the way, a bunch of other issues going on, including when I was at a club and someone gave me a bad look, shaking their head. Soon after a really stocky Filipino stands very close to me, didn’t have a wristband so not sure how he got in, obviously concealing some kind of weapon and wants to make me feel very uneasy and intimidated. Our friends wanted to go somewhere else at that moment so it kinda worked :p and I was admittedly a little paranoid for a while looking over my shoulder and noting any suspicious behaviour round me… Odd thinking somenoe is out to get you, but that’s probably just some crazy misunderstanding and mistaken identity.

The charity is picking up well though and Naomi Tomlinson, the girl who founded the charity and will be running it with me, is raising funds in England and will be coming this June so that will be fantastic. Will update you on a bunch of things once I get back from Myanmar but hope to be in contact during that time, look out for anything on http://www.pinoyfootball.com to check all that out as we may be able to send a few things from fans about the games and the trip once we’ve finished. For now, check out this article Craig and I wrote about the travels so far: http://www.pinoyfootball.com/News/2011Mar20Sun062359

Will speak soon! Keep supporting and also keep going to the pinoyfootball.com website for updates on Philippine football. Very soon you can support the reporting and grassroots football too, donate to keep it going and after costs all money will go to the Homeless World Cup and Triple E, supporting people who live on the streets and getting them into job training or education. Sport is a fantastic enabler, a level playing field where merit and hardwork determine the outcome and we can all use it to help all those born into poverty and experiencing hardship through the accident of where they were born and the people around them. Together we can make a difference so go to pinoyfootball.com, go to triplee.org.uk and support the fantastic causes!

Have fun and keep watching to hear about the Azkals!


2 thoughts on “Leaving on a jetplane, not sure when I’ll be back again…

  1. rjan camoro-mark hervias March 20, 2011 / 15:38


    Nice article! Ty for helping the Payatas kids. Craig keep up the good work!

    @roy u need a tweet this and like this button!
    and use a big rectangle for your adsense.

  2. David Tomlinson March 21, 2011 / 18:49

    Enjoyed the update, stay safe!

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