‘The Closest to being an Azkal You Can Get’: How to Join the Azkals in the Dug-out

The Azkals have changed the way the Philippines look at football; where once it was considered an inferior sport, if the people knew what football was, the Azkals are now a source of national pride in the Philippines. Football is a great catalyst for change in society as it looks to change attitudes and inequality off the pitch as well as on it.

UNICEF are a huge charity dedicated to helping the poorest people all across the world and they have done great things uplifting people in the Philippines. As part of their fundraising auction they now offer two tickets to the Azkals’ dugout during the match itself, giving you the best seat in the stadium that money can buy.

As well as joining the Azkals on the bench joining Manager Dan Palami, Coach Weiss and the other Azkals, you will also meet the Azkals more intimately beforehand when you will also receive Philippine football kit signed by the players. Such a prize is unheard of in international football, a real once in a lifetime opportunity.

Bidding is open until June 4th so get your ebay bids in quickly to guarantee one of the two tickets on offer. After placing your bid to win one of the tickets check out the other items on offer and help raise money for a very worthy cause.

Follow these links to get access to the bidding process and win these prizes advertised as ‘the closest to being an Azkal you can get’:

Voucher 1:


Voucher 2:



3 thoughts on “‘The Closest to being an Azkal You Can Get’: How to Join the Azkals in the Dug-out

  1. Sereena Joy Palami May 27, 2011 / 00:21

    Yey! Thank you Roy!
    People were reposting this. Brilliant for UNICEF!
    Thanks again.

  2. Mark Gillespie September 24, 2017 / 14:41

    I’m trained in America’s and I want to be part of azkal team how I can join I can send you guys a videos on how I play soccer . I’m a high school students in Tennessee, Maryville I’m 17 years old , I want to play pls contact me if you want couch or someone can read this …my name is Mark and my position is left wing midfielder ty.

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