Payatas FC & Kasiglahan FC: Grassroots Growing


Thought it was about time for a proper update on my blog… So you may have remembered how the kids did in their first tournament, Football for Good. If not, check out this article on about the whole experience: Payatas and Kasiglahan in Their First Tournament

Well now I can confirm that Payatas FC will join the next tournament on August 13 & 14 too! For the last tournament I’d mixed the kids together from Payatas, Kasiglahan and Mango (the children’s home in Montalban I volunteer at). Having only played for 3 months by that time I wanted the best players for one boys team and one girls team as well as most of the players are roughly 12 years old so would have really struggled against the 16 and 17 year old boys. So as it turned out the average age of the team was 14 – which in an U16 competition was maybe a little risky but they did brilliantly well considering everything. Now there’s an U13 division in the tournament more Payatas kids can join having had more training. More than that, while we’re currently training in converted basketball courts we’ve just found a nearby football field and are closing in on getting regular permission to use for the kids which will be awesome!!

Will cost a little for transport to and from there but if you’re from a company or an individual interested in media attention for something we’ve got one of the best value for money sponsorship opportunities available – featured on national tv and frequently in the top two dedicated football websites (including their massive online followings) – check out this link for more info: Fairplay for All Sponsorship

Sponsorship includes the usual kit sponsorship with logos printed on the shirts (photos already featured in national press and with more national tv and press coverage lined up – details to be confirmed later but it could be incredibly exciting if it all comes off!!). More than that though the drop-in centre for street kids, running costs of Payatas FC and naming rights for those plus other things are possible so for the best value for money advertising in the area get in touch with me to find out more and discus.

Back to the kids and they’re improving each week. Looks like it may be possible to get the kids to the Azkals v Non-Azkals UFL match as well as perhaps the July 3 game against Sri Lanka! All as rewards for if they work hard in training and do well in the tournaments of course :p

So with the charity expanding and some great possibilities opening up things are going well with the football here. Soon enough we may have a reliable football field to practice on – and to organise local friendlies and tournaments too – more national tv coverage, tournaments to join, Azkals (Philippine national men’s football team) to watch, and lots more coverage. With other exciting possibilities, again to confirm later, I’m heading down to Sri Lanka to cover the game between the Philippines v Sri Lanka, the first leg of the World Cup Qualifiers so keep tuned in to for news and updates on that and follow @roymondous and @craigburrows to find out more and get behind the scenes info and live coverage of the events!

Stay well my lovely friends and keep tuned in for the revealing of all those exciting possibilities I mentioned 😀


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