A Tribute to Yanti Barsales (from UMAK Azakls v UFL)

Yanti Barsales

Yanti Barsales made his debut for the international team in 1992 and went on to compete in four South East Asian games and ASEAN championships. During this time he has become revered by fans all across the Philippines, particularly in his home province of Iloilo. Yanti has not only seen the Philippine National team grow from a seed into a heavyweight force in South East Asia, he has been an integral part of that success.

It is his determination, attitude and heart that have helped the Philippines make history as they qualified for the Semi-Finals of the Suzuki Cup, qualified for the final phase of the AFC Challenge Cup and now look to make it to the second round of the World Cup qualifiers. As the top scorer of the first UFL season with eight goals Yanti’s character is one that has inspired the Philippines. Off the pitch, too, the Staff Sergeant and family man is a role model for us all.

Today we recognise Yanti Barsales not only for his great success on the pitch but his attitude and character off it as well.

On behalf of everyone at the University of Makati today and all those watching at home we say thank you Yanti Barsales.


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