Enrolling in UP… an epic few days

Given some of you may have heard of the ordeal of enrolling in UP, much of it self-inflicted, I thought I’d blog about what happened to write down for historical accuracy just how epic it was:

Day 1 (Tuesday): So I get to UP to enrol. Print off my form 5a, that’s the one that has your list of subjects on it, and get to my department to confirm everything. I go inside and speak to the advisers and they say ‘So you’re only doing cognate courses this semester?’ Confused, I look at the sheet and ask about the subjects, they’re written as PS### (# is numbers for the course). ‘Is PS not political science?’ I ask… Turns out it’s Philippine Studies. I’d wondered why it seemed they were only offering Philippine politics this semester… The politics subjects weren’t on the online enrolment apparently so that’s why I couldn’t find them. So I have a look at the courses, enrol in the Theory of Democracy and realise I need to take cognates that semester. I head to the Philosophy department and get a list of the subjects to choose from, then to the Psych department to have a look at those but everything’s closed shortly after as I tried to cancel the Philippine Studies subjects but the Asian Centre was closed… so onto the next day…

Day 2: The day before we went to a vegetarian restaurant after trying to enrol. The food is great, the place is nice and it’s fairly cheap. It’s called Likha Diwa and I recommend it to everyone. The problem, however, was that I left my bag there. So the next day we head to the restaurant, grab my bag as they’ve kindly got it saved there but realise the form 5a wasn’t there… it was separate and got lost. So I go back to University, print another form off, enrol at the Politics department again and after choosing my cognate course (on probation I was told I could only do two subjects) I enrol in that too. By the time that’s all done the library is closed so I can’t do anymore… so onto the next day…

Day 3: Next day I head back ready to finish everything off. On the boards it says there’s library clearance, student council contribution, validation and post-advising to do. So I head to the library, get my library clearance. Head to the student desk and make my contribution. Head to the Graduate office and get it validated. Then they say as I’m a foreign student I have to go to the special assessment in the Registrar’s office… When I enrolled last Semester I’d given in my passport, I card and visa which were valid for the first year of study. Figuring that covered me for the year it was a little bit of a surprise to find out it didn’t and I have to do that every semester… That process is one that literally takes all day so without my documents so I can’t do anymore and head back… onto the next day…

Day 4: So after three days of trying to enrol it comes to the fourth… bluntly put, it took the piss (again most of it self-inflicted)…

I wake up at 8am to get to Uni early and make sure everything’s done. I go to University, have my passport, visa and I card. Get there then realise I’d left the form 5a back at the house… annoyed at myself (I’ve forgotten something everyday for the past week) I go back to the house. As I’m coming up to the house, nearly there, I realise that I don’t have the key to the top lock. There’s two locks in the house and for some reason I’ve never been able to get the key to the top lock. So everytime I go out the bottom lock is put on and if the top lock is locked then I have to knock and wait for someone to let me in. As everyone is out the house, the top lock is on and I can’t get in… So, I don’t have my phone and can’t call anyone but fortunately I know where they all are – the Azkals event at Trinoma. I head there, meet up with Mark after a bit of running round and manage to get back to the house. We get inside, grab the phone and form 5a, he grabs what he had forgotten and we head to UP. Mark drops me off at UP and goes on to finish some other work, I head to the registrar’s and go for special assessment. Fortunately the people there remembered me from the day before and let me ahead of the queue. I was number 174 at that point and would have had to wait until that number was called out… instead it took about 30 minutes and so I went back to the department for post-advising.

I get to the department and they send me to the graduate co-ordinator to sign it to complete. I have a quick chat with him and mention I wanted to do three subjects and was told it wasn’t possible by several people, but then he says it is actually possible and all I have to do is sign saying I take personally responsibility if I fail… which is fair enough. Taking three subjects this semester means that I save a semester in the degree and P20k as a foreign student. He then explains to me how to go about it:  basically I have to go back and un-enrol, go the department I want and add that subject, get the special assessment again and go back to get it signed again. I head to psychology to ask about the course there, get to the Professor but she says only Psych majors can do those courses at graduate level. Head back to the Philosophy dept. and choose my subject, they try to add me but say it’s locked. So I head back to the Graduate office, get it unlocked, head back to the Philosophy dept. get the subject added, head back to the Graduate Office and get it locked again then off to Special Assessment once more. This time it takes about an hour… while I’m there number 174 is called as well, if I hadn’t been there the day before that would have taken all day and I’d need to go back for a fifth day :p

So after special assessment I go to the Politics department and get the form signed at 5:10pm… kind of after the deadline but it worked out and so I’m finally enrolled in three subjects! Theory of Democracy, Ethical Theory and Social and Political Philosophy. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday classes so anyone at UP on campus those days give me a shout to meet up for lunch or dinner 😀

Long process… lots of stress… but finally done 😀


4 thoughts on “Enrolling in UP… an epic few days

  1. Leng R Painaga June 12, 2011 / 17:41

    UP is locally called by the UP community as University of Pila (line). youre still lucky coz it’s already computerized enlistment. during our time everything is manual. there’s line for everything. subjects are drawn like lottery using our ID cards as tickets. imagine that? sometimes it takes us 1 day to enlist just 1 subject, we’re lucky if we get 2 in a day. lining up for assessment and payments is a different story too! hahaha! now i miss UP days! the hassles and the laughters and tears! i maybe back in 2 years time for my PhD but for now i need a little rest for the mind and a lot for the pocket! hahaha!

  2. amillah June 12, 2011 / 22:00

    Yeah enrollment in UP tends to get epic I remember a time when tuition queues in ISSI got all the way to outside of the building. Also the buildings are so far so a lot of walking and ikot rides from one Dept to another. Its supposedly better now haha.

  3. mikelimpag June 13, 2011 / 02:12

    Were you, by any chance, in charge of the bag that contained the UFL all-star match ticket sales? 🙂

  4. cielo June 23, 2011 / 13:03

    you didn’t mention it was also raining that wednesday! might as well put that down in your epic story 🙂 i was there to enrol as well and the queue for the payment reached down to the second floor (cashier was at the 3rd floor of the OUR).

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