Fairplay for All Foundation


The Fairplay For All Foundation works to empower the street children of the Philippines. Registered in the UK and funded as Triple E (registration number 1141362), Fairplay for All (FFA) runs football teams in Kasiglahan and Payatas as a way to develop the community and raise awareness through football, after the rise in popularity of the Azkals, the national men’s team of the Philippines. Payatas is the largest dumpsite in Manila where tens of thousands of people live scavenging for things to sell, recycle and even eat.

Run by Roy Moore and Naomi Tomlinson, FFA is also opening a drop-in centre for street children in order to assess their situation on a case-by-case basis. Providing for the nutrition of street children, to break drug dependency (particularly rugby), basic education will continue their learning and provide a platform to assess their situation. With a fully qualified and experienced social worker we will then look to provide full-time residential care, education sponsorship, or micro-financing depending on the reason for the child being on the streets. As such, FFA looks to enable, encourage and empower street children and raise awareness of the poverty of communities to promote Fairplay on and off the pitch.

Together we can create a better world where every child has the right to life. Together we can create a world we are proud to be a part of and help all those born into poverty. Together we can become part of something good.

Check out the  Facebook page and like it here for photos and the latest information. Click on the donate monthly button to support FFA in giving a future to street kids in the Philippines, the grassroots football and to become part of something good. We recommend that a monthly contribution of £10 a month (roughly P700) will provide for the education and rehabilitation of a child on the streets over the course of the year.

For more information email: ffafoundation@gmail.com



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