So Someone Stole my Passport and I’m Stuck in Sri Lanka…

FECK!! Well this is an awkward situation. Sometime in the last couple of days (June 29 & 30) someone took my passport…

My flight back to the Philippines was early this morning and so I missed it coming back… Not good… and by not good I mean fecking awful…

This is a picture of Sri Lanka… it looks nice from the picture but don’t let that fool you into thinking your passport wont get stolen

It turns out Sri Lanka and India are two places famous for people stealing British passports so they can remove the photo and replace it with their own… that way they get to another country no problem… Quite how a Sri Lankan looking man could be unsuspiciously called Roy Moore I don’t know but it’s a lucrative business stealing passports…

Of course I was with Craig Burrows who has helped make sure I have some things needed before he flew back to the Philippines and so I found the cheapest hotel, amusing called Hotel Nippon. For those who don’t understand, the word Nippon sounds like Nipple and so I’m amused… yep… I can be that immature :p Maybe it’s just because if I didn’t find little things to laugh at I’d be punching something repeatedly in the face about now.

So initially it seemed I’d have to go to the British High Commission here (BHC), either stick around in Sri Lanka for 6 weeks while they get me a new passport or head back to England. As it turns out, the Philippines apparently will accept an emergency travel document and so I can get back there to go to the British Embassy there and apply for a new passport. The BHC closes at 1pm on Friday though and doesn’t reopen til Monday… man I wish people stealing you’re passport would be more considerate and do it at the start of the week…

So here’s the situation: I have to book a flight back to the Philippines for Monday or Tuesday, head to the British High Commission very early Monday morning to finish off the paperwork stuff and try and get that emergency travel document… if they approve that then I can just head to the airport and hope they just let me through no problems and get to the Philippines. From there I can apply for a new passport and try and catch up on everything missed for University… Right… so that’s how things have gone…

So I was walking down the road trying to find an internet cafe and saw a sign for a computer shop… it went to this menacing looking ally where several big guys were sitting down chatting. So obviously I walk down there and just bluntly ask them where the cafe would be. One of them takes me directly to it and gives me a business card, one of them just happens to have worked as a travel agent. Turns out that a big group of people in a menacing ally are actually quite friendly contrary to stereotypes… how they’ve got a bad reputation over the years.

Now, just for the sake of it here’s a very poor quality picture of me taken from the internet cafe in Sri Lanka to prove I’m alive. I believe you can make out it’s me from the terrible hair… (that’s for you guys Kaholeros :p)

Will update you all if I can get to travel, etc. and what time flights end up being, etc. etc.

Me in an internet cafe in Sri Lanka

11 thoughts on “So Someone Stole my Passport and I’m Stuck in Sri Lanka…

  1. flashdrive July 2, 2011 / 00:48

    Damn! Hope you get that sorted out ASAP

  2. Amy July 2, 2011 / 00:54

    Hope you’re okay, I’m sure everything will turn out well. Take care Roy.God bless.

  3. pon July 2, 2011 / 00:59

    you might need to have a police report ready usually it’s one of the requirements for lost passports

  4. Sungit July 2, 2011 / 07:40

    That’s scary, take care Roy

  5. mikelimpage July 2, 2011 / 19:47

    Good luck mate, what a story to tell one of these days

  6. krisette July 2, 2011 / 23:41

    So sad it happened. I’m sure everything will be okay. Be safe and will be including you in my prayers tonight.

  7. musthaq July 3, 2011 / 02:41

    sry 4 da misunderstanding roy., i didnt read da ful article first… Im sry bro…

  8. Farhan Farook July 3, 2011 / 04:59

    feel sry 4 ur situation,,pls come back again 2 sri lanka with ur new Passport,lolzzzzzz

  9. foxydeltan July 4, 2011 / 08:38

    hope u sort it all out today Roy…need to take care of something like that too coz my son’s passport got stolen in my bag together with some other documents…for some reason my passport was not in the same bag, still gotta take care of it since my son cant’t, he’s only 13. and yes like pon says, need to file a police report for that. goodluck!

  10. Joebert July 23, 2011 / 21:53

    that picture was fun! LOL at the picture

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