Still in Sri Lanka… Sitting in a Coffee Shop

So I just got back from the British High Commission, as opposed to the British Low Commission which is like the House of Commons in that it’s for commoners. For the fun of it here’s a picture of the House of Commons:

The British House of Commons... weirdly named as back then commoners couldn't really vote, nor could women or anyone who wasn't rich and white... also interesting fact, the gap between the two parties in the House of Commons is two sword lengths apart... made that way so that they couldn't stab each other with their swords back in the day. British civilisation?... I think it would be a good idea too :p

They’re in the process of processing my emergency travel document back to the Philippines. That means I can travel to the Philippines without a passport and can apply for a new passport there since mine was stolen. It takes about 6 weeks apparently to get the new passport so that means I couldn’t travel for that length of time but hey it means I don’t have to go back to England and do it all there!! So much work to catch up on for Uni and everything else but this has saved some things at least… on short notice the flights cost just under £200 (P14k) so not too bad considering. With the costs of the emergency travel document thing and staying the extra days it’s a lot better then it could have been… but a lot worse than it should have been…

So now I’m sat in a coffee shop surrounded by a load of white people. Always interesting how you wont see many white people in an area and then as soon as you find a westernised coffee shop… there’s loads… like a plague… we English people get everywhere, we’re like a disease. And of course best of all is the white tourist who thinks they know best. Just a few moments ago this really overweight woman asks for a skinny latte in a cappuccino cup with no foam and gets confused why the guy behind the counter can’t understand her asking for this (the odd accent doesn’t help her cause). Besides the irony of a clearly unhealthy person asking for a skinny latte it’s pretty sad how the white tourist thing to do seems not to repeat it more slowly with a smile, trying to understand the differences in cultures and accents, but to shout it louder… crazy people. But I guess as they say, when Rome… just shout louder at them! Speaking of which, I’m gonna dig into my pasta,

So that's me... still alive... you can tell by the still terrible hair

tomato and herbs, cos when in Sri Lanka, eat italian food… my bad on that one…

So just like the internet cafe here’s a picture of me sat in the coffee shop waiting to here about the emergency travel document and if I can fly back to the Philippines tonight. If it all works out Manila airport at 9:30pm baby!! Will head back there shortly to find out the scoop then let you all know. Thanks again for all the support and kind wishes everyone’s given!

So I’ll let you know once everything is confirmed but the people at the British High Commission were very friendly and helpful (except for the not being open very often thing… bloody British cutbacks). So thanks to the staff there and it looks like I’ll be back in the Philippines tomorrow!!! A lot of money down… exhausted and in need of a holiday… but back nonetheless!! 😀

UPDATE: I just came back from the Embassy and here’s my emergency passport!! 

It’s official baby! I can fly tonight at 1am, I’ll arrive in Singapore at 7am then wait around for ages and arrive in Manila at 9:30pm! I’m coming back to the Philippines!! It’s almost over… it’s almost bloody over… :p

Me and my lovely Emergency Passport!!


One thought on “Still in Sri Lanka… Sitting in a Coffee Shop

  1. foxydeltan July 4, 2011 / 17:06

    good to hear u got urself an emergency passport…have a safe trip back to the Philippines…and hope nothing else gets stolen.

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