Faces of Payatas: Meet Althea (& Why Some of the Best Talents Will Always Come From the Poorest Places)

Lovely story

Fairplay for All Foundation

DSC_1048.JPG Althea (2nd from left) wearing her sister’s National Team jersey, with teammates from Payatas FC U14 girls last year during the Fairplay Pinay Cup.

Everyone loves Rocky. Everyone loves the Karate Kid and the Mighty Ducks. In short, everyone loves an underdog. They’re all feel good stories of a person or team starting from the bottom and struggling against all odds to rise to the top. The triumphant underdog is perhaps the most glorious of all stories.

In Payatas we work with underdogs every day. People who were dealt a bad lot in life and struggle hard even for the most basic of things. Food. A home. Security. People who start from the absolute bottom and are struggling to rise up just one rung on the ladder.

Now we can celebrate another underdog story in the making as Althea, one of our players from Payatas Football Club, has been selected as part of…

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