About Me

Cute photobomb from one of our U6 players

I graduated from University of York  in England with a bachelor’s in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). I’m now studying at UP Diliman in the Philippines for my Master’s in Politics.

My main job is running the Fairplay for All Foundation.

Fortunately I’ve managed to travel a lot. Most of my travelling has been in South East Asia and I took a gap year before Uni and worked with a charity in the Phillipines for 3 and a half months, and Kenya for a similar time. Two years later I got the chance to study in Singapore, at NUS, for a year as part of my bachelors and had a really long summer break so returned to the charity because I loved it, and worked again for three months as a volunteer.

After my degree I came back to the Philippines as I wanted to get involved with development work. Then football exploded in the Philippines and in Payatas, a poor community where I was based. Suddenly the kids wanted to learn – so I started coaching them. Then Naomi Tomlinson came over and together we started the Fairplay for All Foundation. Part of that is running football clubs for kids who live at a rubbish dump and often scavenge for stuff to sell, recycle and even eat. These kids are amazing though and while football itself doesn’t break the poverty cycle it provides a platform and an opportunity to do so. It helps kids dream again. With a level playing field these kids excel, and with the right opportunities anything is possible here.

Since, we were able to expand into progressive education, sustainable nutrition, social enterprise and more. The goal is to build 100% self-sustainable projects that empower the community. Eventually I hope to get fired because my job is no logner needed.

Contact me at: roymond @ hotmail.co.uk or the charity at ffafoundation @ gmail.com

Twitter: @roymondous


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lou Albert Laurel April 14, 2011 / 09:56

    Just want to commend you guys for what you’re doing with Payatas. I would like to start something similar to this in our barangay but I’m at lost as to how to start it. Hopefully you can give some tips and pointers.

  2. dhonz jabines June 29, 2011 / 02:08

    it is such a blessing to the Philippines for having you helping our poor kids by forming a football team. In this way, this kids will eventually keep them from doing drugs etc. you are such an inspiration man..

  3. Gertrudes Conde December 27, 2011 / 19:25

    Hi Roy first let me salute and praise you for that goodness and devotion you are doing for our especially poor Filipino Kids ( You are a kindhearted, devoted and spiritual guided person ). I am a mother of 11 yrs old boy who really loves football game, though he just started the basic training last October here in Dubai.

    Actually we stayed in Dubai and our son started his schooling since 3-10 yrs old here. Last year we have enrolled our son in a Home Study Program in Manila ( he is now in grade 8 ). We want him to start his secondary school and start his university study in the Philippines.

    In short we want to join with you advocacy and at the same time have our son interest in Football to prosper and finished his education in the Philippines. –

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