Fairplay For All Foundation

My main job is running the Fairplay for All Foundation.

The Fairplay for All Foundation is a charity working in sports, education, and sustainable nutrition in Payatas, Quezon City, in the Philippines. Payatas is one of the largest and poorest slums in the Philippines, home to the largest dumpsite in the Philippines.

At Fairplay, we believe that no-one’s future should be determined by where they were born. We believe that everyone deserves a fair opportunity to develop and grow.

Despite the issues facing the community, we have seen tremendous development in each area. With the right support in changing the environment we can help break the cycle of poverty for hard-working families, offering a chance to develop in a sustainable way in every area of life; in physical, social, emotional, academic, and economic ways.

You can contact Fairplay here.



3 thoughts on “Fairplay For All Foundation

  1. leng painaga June 20, 2011 / 21:43

    hi roy! im interested to help and donate. please educate me on how to do it. thanks!

  2. Andrew Fletcher October 24, 2011 / 19:18

    Hi Roy
    I am involved, with the assistance of my club, Gwawley Bay FC & The Philippines Australian Sporting & Culture Inc. with sponsoring a group of under-privileged children in Lebak, Mindanao in The Philippines.
    My wife, Eden & I arrive in Manila on Dec 3. perhaps we can help – I would like to visit & see how we can help. Do you need balls? We also have donated to Feet 4 Hope in Paranaque.
    Please reply by e mail as I dont have a Facebook a/c.
    my address: drew789@hotmail.com
    Yours in football
    Andrew Fletcher

  3. Tealyn Lonergan November 4, 2011 / 15:44

    Hi Roy, can you flick me an email on tealynlonergan@gmail.com with some info on what projects you are working on that could use a hand? I have spent a little time at mango and would love to help sponsor a team or help a project in kasiglahan or payatas. Your doing amazing work!
    Kind Regards

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