Essential Websites

Links – FIFA Futbol Mundial segment on Payatas FC & Fairplay for All Foundation – the Fairplay for All Foundation, the charity I co-run with Naomi Tomlinson. This is the organisation that runs Payatas FC, Kasiglahan FC and is opening a drop-in centre for street kids. – Triple E website, the funding agency for the Fairplay for All Foundation. – Naomi Tomlinson, my partner in Fairplay for All, writes a blog of the recent happenings with the charity – football website for Philippine fans

Essential fan pages for any Azkals fans:


2 thoughts on “Essential Websites

  1. foxydeltan June 29, 2011 / 14:40

    Hi Roy,
    You are such a blessing to the kids in Payatas and others for all your help, a trait that we don’t often see in one as young as you. What’s more we don’t often see it in young Filipinos these days, most of the time they love to leave the country.

    I love that I subscribe to your feed and get updates. Btw, please check your link for because this is where it goes when you click on it:


    • Roy June 29, 2011 / 17:43

      thanks for letting me know… not sure why it didn’t work but it finally has now 😀

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